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Ready for the new season?

Time for fashion campaign.

And suddenly it’s already August. Despite the fact that most of the people are feeling summery only from the last few weeks and are going on holiday in these days, fashion labels, that are always ages ahead human time, are already giving us a hint of AW 13/14 style through their advertising campaigns.

What I like about ad campaigns is that they want to tell you little stories, that sometimes they become short movies and you can always enjoy for free.

Here a small selection. Still waiting for more campaigns!

French Connection AW 13/14

Minkpink AW 13/14 Campaign – “LA LA LAND” Campaign starring Chloe Norgaard

Zara AW 13/14


Prada AW 13/14

Miu Miu AW 13/14

Lanvin AW 13/14

By Anna D.

The Mood Of The Week(End)

Mixed feelings.

This is today’s right combination of styles that I was looking for. I like to mix the baggy trousers with something femminine. I found the “turtle shirt” at COS and I simply love it!

Feel good in it.

Shirt COS, trousers Urban Outfitters, clutch Zara, shoes Topshop, ring &Other Stories

mood of the week

mood of the week

mood of the week

mood of the week

By Anna D.

Let’s spend a (worthy) word about – Jacquard, brocade and tapestry

This was something I could not not notice the last time I went to Zara.

The jacquard patterns on some of the pieces of the SS13 collection have something of the arabic carpets (and my Grandma’s tapestry) and I simply loved them. The same happened at COS and looking at Antipodium‘s pieces made with tapestry. Then bocade for Dolce&Gabbana SS13 collection, as well as Marni‘s jaquard, made me think that it may be not only my obsession.

There is something going on with these fabrics: I see good clothes and accessories!


zara SS13

zara SS13

zara SS13

zara SS13







By Anna D.

We like it wrapped, and ready for Lunch.

I have this thing in my mind…it always happens when I quickly see something that really catches my eyes but it stays in the back of my mind until one day, totally unexpected, it pops out again…and it slowly becomes an obsession.

It is happening now with a particular bag, whose presence is lately more and more frequent in fashion shows and on the streets. The shape is really simple: it looks like the paper bag that my mom gets when she buys some bread, or perhaps more commonly known as the paper lunch sack that in US is daily used to carry the lunch.

It is already becoming a must-have, even more wanted, I am sure, after the latest version that Céline launched for SS13. Maison Martin Margiela already made its own version, then Chanel and Jil Sander after the Belgian brand. The PICNIC clutch, by Marie Turnor Accessories (a Los Angeles based handbag and accessories company designed by Beth Goodman) ‘was conceived after spotting an elegant woman walking in the Marais with a paper bag in her hand’. Inspired by Maison Martin Margiela, Ivania Carpio, designer for her own label DIY, created her (foil) lunch bag version, as well as Arthur Lhermitte who designed a suede lunch bag for Striiiipes.com. The genious idea of creating a proper paper bag readjusted as a sort of new (and literally unique) Chanel lunch bag, is spotted and posted on Zee Fashionista‘s blog.

For the SS13 Zara has ready its own lunch bag, while COS is now offering something quite similar in shape.

I like the fact that this most wanted and most appreciated bag is, in fact, an object of common use. And this is the genious of creativity: the most beautiful and appreciated thigs are often the simplest and most common ones, because they are the ones we are familiar with. Live the everyday life with irony and style is something that I am always looking for, and this kind of things, like the lunch bag, is something that makes me positively smile.

I definitely like it!

Ho questo pensiero per la mente…mi succede sempre dopo aver notato velocemente qualcosa che ha attratto la mia attenzione ma che, per qualche ragione, rimane confinata in un angolo del mio cervello finchè un giorno, del tutto inaspettato, riaffiora all’improvviso…e lentamente diventa per me un’ossessione.
Ed è esattamente ciò che mi sta accadendo riguardo una borsa alquanto particolare, la cui presenza è sempre più frequente tra le proposte dei grandi fashion designers e sulle strade stesse. La forma è molto semplice: mi ricorda la busta di carta che mia madre riceve quando acquista del pane fresco, o anche, come credo sia più comunemente conosciuta, più essere vista come una rievocazione molto scrupolosa della “paper lunch sack” usata giornalmente e da chiunque in America per trasportare il pranzo.
Ciò che sorprende è il fatto che sta rapidamente diventando un must-have specialmente, ne sono quasi certa, dopo l’ultimissima versione proposta da Cèline nella collezione P/E13. Maison Martin Margiela aveva già proposto una borsa ispirata alla comune lunch bag, sono seguiti alla casa di moda belga anche Chanel e Jil Sander.
La PICNIC clutch, creata dalla newyorchese Beth Goodman, designer di Marie Turnor Accessories, “è stata concepita dopo aver visto casualmente un’elegante signora camminare sulla Marais con una busta di carta in mano”. Ispirandosi alla creazione di Maison Martin Margiela, Ivania Carpio, con il suo marchio DIY, ha creato la sua personale versione in tessuto effetto “foglia laminata”, davvero originale, come la variante in pelle scamosciata di Arthur Lhermitte, creata per Striiiipes.com. Idea puramente ironica e geniale arriva poi dal blog Zee Fashionista, in cui è pubblicata la foto di una vera e propria busta di carta, riadattata in una sorta di “nuova” (e unica) Chanel Lunch Bag.
Non è stato di meno il marchio spagnolo Zara, che per la collezione P/E13 ha già pronta nei negozi la sua proposta, mentre COS, brand scandinavo parte di H&M Group, propone anch’esso qualcosa di simile nella forma.
Sono affascinata dal fatto che questa borsa di successo indiscusso derivi, di fatto, da un oggetto di usco così comume. Ed è questa la genialità della creatività: arrivare a creare e proporre oggetti comprensibili e familiari a noi tutti, puntando sul fatto vincente che sono spesso le cose semplici e “comuni” quelle più belle e apprezzate. Vivere la vita di tutti i giorni con ironia e stile è un atteggiamento che cerco sempre di assumere, e questo genere di cose, come la Lunch Bag, seppur non essendo un oggetto strettamente necessario, è qualcosa che apprezzo e mi fa sorridere.
Decisamente mi piace!

céline   céline   Céline

céline   céline   Céline

chanel   chanel   Chanel

Chanel-paper-bag   Chanel-“customized” version

jil sander   jil sander2             Jil Sander

marie turnormarie turnor2   Marie Turnor

DIY by Ivania Carpio   DIY by Ivania Carpio

arthur lhermitte   Atrhur Lhermitte

zara1   cos   Zara // COS



By Anna D.

Trends – Great expectations for the warm season 2013

I spent the last few weeks in my coat, walking on the streets of an iced cold London, or glancing at the park outside the window, drinking hot chocolate, covered by blankets. I enjoyed the snow…yes, I did…but I am also beginning to look for the good weather and wondering when I will start to dress up in a more ‘summery’ way.

In the lack of a warm weather, but still with the desire to finally change a bit my dress code, I go around the city, observing what the shops offer for the new season, browsing through the websites, catching new trends, making lists of what I like more.

As you will probably know by now, here at GOOSEBUMPS Mag, as the nerds as we usually are, when we make lists and wishlists, we do it in a proper way. And of course, also in this case I could not resist to the need to make one.

So here is a list of the SS 13 trends that attract me more, while waiting for the Spring to come.

Cannot wait!


This is a quite exciting way to wear clothes. Stripes with dots, squares, flowers, and other different kind of drawings and patterns, mixed in the same outfit, even in the same single item. I like this style because it is colourful, it is fearless and it gives you the chance to experiment and try different combinations and options. The risk: wearing different pattern all together apparently without any specific rule, but reaching a wonderful final result is the most difficult rule to follow. Try this at home (and outside if it works).

a loud party of prints

The Answer From The High Street…

topshop10  topshop19  Topshop

topshop11  topshop9  Topshop

1381045668_2_2_3   7521023504_1_1_3   Zara


Mainly defined by lines and squares, only two (non)colours, the perfect couple: black and white. Like an optical effect, the black and white combination is back again even more exciting and interesting. What can I say? We can not live without it!


The Answer From The High Street…

h&m5   hm   H&M

hm   hm   H&M

topshop4    topshop8   Topshop

2044043070_1_1_3   2055645251_1_1_3   Zara

zara   zara   Zara


The attraction of the squares is always powerful, mixed with the right colour combination and shape is a winning choice. Let’s play chess then!


The Answer From The High Street…

topshop5   topshop15   Topshop

zara   Zara


Like in the Rococo’s Trompe L’Oeil and gardens, this SS season’s prints are a triumph of flowers. Patckworks, applications, patterns, textures…the flower theme is shown as a rich psychedelic garden: bold and bright colours are mixed with a wide range of flowers and plants that in there grow wild.

psychedelic garden

The Answer From The High Street…

h&m3      hm   H&M

topshop2   topshop3   Topshop

topshop13   topshop18            Topshop


Baggy-high waisted trousers, boyfriend blazers, oversize masculine jackets, buttoned up shirts, men’s style shorts. This is definitely my favourite trend: menswear for women, mixed with a pair of high heels, a stretch top or a skirt…silmpy fantastic!


The Answer From The High Street…

cos   cos   COS

cos   cos  COS


In all their shades sandy colours always have a big appeal on me. They can match with everything and with every skin colour. It is definitely a fascinating colour and big trend for this SS 13.


The Answer From The High Street…

cos   cos   COS

cos   h&m4   COS / H&M


It is a pattern that we are beginning to see now, coming from the last pieces of this winter, but I definitely believe that Tartan will be a strong trend, specially from next winter. I have not had enough of it!


The Answer From The High Street…

urban outfitters   urban outfitters   UO

zara   zara   Zara


Oversize and structured jackets, shirts that seem three sizes bigger than the normal size, extra volumes on shoulders and shirts. To me big volumes equally matching with ‘tight’ volumes in my everyday outfit is a choice that I can not give up.

big volume


Wow, let me say that: blue is having a massive impact as a new upcoming trend! All the shades are accepted (navy blue is my favourite). This colour gives more dimension and and almost ‘life’ to clothes. Perfect to match both with clash colours and pastel/nude/light colurs.



I could not not avoid to include shoes. Season after season shoes are having a part ever more important  and almost a separate and unique role in the total outfit. Here the selection from the fashion shows, but if you go straight to the High Street you will have a really good time finding eccentric and fascinating shoes.

over the top shoes


By Anna D.