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Let’s spend a (worthy) word about – Menorquinas

My friend Susana is Basque and lately she keeps sending me picture of the Menorquinas, some shoes she is really into. The Menorquinas, called aslo Avarcas, are the typical shoes from the spanish Isle of Menorca (or Minorca) originally used by the shepherds and farmers of the island. I was not totally aware of them before, but now that Sus’ enthusiasm about these shoes came to me also I notice that they are actually becoming popular even here in London, where there are no shepherds and, let me say that, there is not the kind of weather that gives you the chance and the need to wear Menorquinas all the time.

Anyway, long story short: because of my friend, my recent short holiday in Barcelona and my extreme need of real Summer, I am into avarcas too. Because they are made by basic things (rubber sole, upper shoe open on the toe, made with cow or pig leather), these shoes are affordable, but at the same time they have good quality and they are comfortable.

So, despite the London’s weather I got my own white Menorquinas from Barcelona and I am really happy of this purchase! And if you have no chance to go to Spain there are a lot of websites from which you can buy them, but also you can go to Topshop, River Island or Urban Outfitters that, as I said, are beginning to sell them too.

Now we just need some proper sun and we can all wear Menorquinas everyday!

apiece apart

apiece apart

Riudavets USA – menorquinas for Apiece Apart

river island

River Island



urban outfitters

Solilas Sandals for Urban Outfitters







me 🙂

Here some good websites where you can find amazing menorquinas.












By Anna D.

The perfect combination of lengths.

Miu Miu SS13 has chosen a sort of “50’s style”, Topshop Unique AW 13/14 goes more for a Boho-Chic woman, Balenciaga and Roland Mouret‘s option for SS13 has gone for the 80s/90s working class woman. The outfit: short bodice + 3/4 length skirt.

What I like most of this combination is the perfect balance that is been created between lengths: show, without showing off. The coat on top gives more power to the whole outfit: oversize and a bit masculine, this item surprisingly emphasizes the feminine side of the woman.

Simply gorgeous.

Miu Miu  Miu Miu    Miu Miu  Miu Miu

Miu Miu – SS13

Unique  Unique  Unique  Unique

Topshop Unique – AW 13/14

Loewe  Loewe  Loewe   Loewe – SS13

Balenciaga  Roland Mouret

Balenciaga  //  Roland Mouret – SS13

JCDC   JCDC – AW 13/14

The affordable outfit

perfect balance

1.& Other Stories  2.Topshop  3.Topshop  4.River Island  5.Topshop Unique  6.COS

By Anna D.