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Tokyo Bike Opening Store Launch Party

For understanding how London is going mental about bicycle you need to pop in event like this. A launch party of a bike shop is transformed in a unmissing event for fashion victims and trends addicted.  This it happens because Tokyo Bike is not a just a shop retail. The bike brand was born in 2002 in Japan and the aim is offer and design bicycle suitable for the cities (in the begin was Tokio and this is why is called “Tokyo Bike”). So we have light and clean aesthetic in a very Japanese way, attention to details and the function. The company was already active in UK, has organized the party in partnership with Dezeen, that brought his dj with Dezeen music project. In the shop there was the exhibition of six customized bikes from six creative artists and during the evening a 520 £ worth bike was gifted as a prize for the business cards competition. The shop will provide a workshop service for repairs and customizations, also selling their own bikes and selected accessories.

87-89 Tabernacle Street
London, EC2 4BA





Filippo and  photos by Anna