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One Ride One Shot #009 Rough Trade East

Rough Trade East Music Shop – Huge selection of vynils, barnd new bands, launch album gig-in-store. The store has been opened in 2007, the first one of Rough Trade is close to Portobello Road here the One Shot One Ride pic.

E1 6QL

’90s VS ’10s

If you are used to spend your nights in pubs and clubs, now you are sure that all new scene is commuting in a sort of nineties revenge despite a long decade of dominion by eighties. So it’s time to stop with synth, electro jingle tv series, glam rock and start with distortion sound,  melancholy, noise and sadness.  The time is good for this, the crisis is still here, the unemployment is reaching top rates and we are very tired of pop dance. The main genre in which we are recognizing the 90’s is the grunge, of course: Nirvana, Sonic Youth, Mudhoney, Melvins, L7, Hole, Smashing Pumpkins. If you think about them you can imagine the 1994. Obviously it wasn’t just grunge and there are a lot of bands maybe soft grunge , pop, Britpop (Blur) that are important to remember. How don’t talk about Garbage and their noise electro or Alanis Morisette and the Verve and how many times we have seen their video in the morning in the early MTV scheduling. Do you remember the angry Anouk or power sound of Guano Apes? Or who could imagine what would happen to the singer of No Doubt after “Don’t Speak”? The last icon I’d like to mention are the Cranberries a sound of those years but is still actual. Now we have a huge panorama with bands and solo singers derived from various background. If it was Seattle the point of start in the 90’s today we can consider New York, Brooklyn in particular, and California but also London are proposing a vibrant scene. Defining a genre is quite impossible and often more genres are mixed together, we could talk about a post lo-fi, a post electroclash, a post nurave or a new post indierock.

Anyway one of band are expressing better their characters inspired by 90’s are Is Tropical: their way of playing during their gigs with the bandanas on the face, long hairs and also the fact that they are in three(remember Kurt, Dave and Krist). Another thing reminds to the 90’s scene is the way of public attend the gigs: if you were in a Klaxons or Late of The Piers gig the shamble and moving of people was sometimes also dangerous, while with Is Tropical people just stand up and listen, sometimes staggering. 

We need to remember Wavves one of the first band turn into noise pop with a surf style and with Tribes, Yuck and The History of Apple Pie are bands that could be considered the happy side of the new grunge, young guys that seems have played for years in the garage of their own families.If you’d like to go pop you can find School of Seven Bells, Foster The People and Metronomy but if you are searching the next icon you need to watch at Grimes and Laurel Halo. They look like more artist than musicians sometimes with a music not of first impact.

There are also the group of female bands(or feminine character) such as Girls, Veronica Falls, Dum Dum Girls, Vivian Girls that are expressing a new scene.

If you still want to dance (Fleet Foxes, Neon Indian, Washed Out, Gold Panda, Peaking Lights) you need to do this with a soft sound always not too fast or beaten. In this new revenge of 90’s there is a substantial difference from the original: a sort of light and a tentative to be serene and calm despite everything.

After this personal revenue we have created a playlist that would be a mix of those both era.

Enjoy it.


by Filippo