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Let’s spend a (worthy) word about – Marie Turnor Accessories

We already metioned it in one of our articles but then I thought that a simple mention was not enough.

Marie Turnor is a Los Angeles based brand designed by Beth Goodman. The accessories and handbags she designs have this interesting feature: their style embraces “timelessness and eschews trendiness in the spirit of finding beauty in everyday things:  a paper bag, an envelope, folded paper, the colors of nature… The essence of the brand lies in the realization that practical things are also beautiful.”

Of course my favourite bag is the paper bag, made in three different sizes: The Picnic, The Dinner, The Snac. The quality of the products is kept high by skilled local people from Southern California, also with the purpose of “reducing our carbon footprint, providing jobs to the community”.

Love it!

the picnic

the snak

the dinner

the lunch


La Rue


card case

By Anna D.