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Let’s spend a (worthy) word about – “This Must Be The Only Fantasy”

Fantastic Rodarte.

Despite what it may seems at first glance, this short movie is not some sort of deleted scene of Legend, nor Labirinth. It can’t even be an unseen scene of The Lord of the Rings…it is way too sparkly and “dreamy” in a wonderful 80s’ style to be Peter Jackson’s movie. Elijah Wood is in there though…

“This Must Be The Only Fantasy” actually is the latest, exciting collaboration between fashion house Rodarte, and filmmaker Todd Cole, produced by The Creators Project. Inspired by Rodarte’s Spring Summer 2013 collection, which explored the same topics as in the movie, this is an open tribute to 80s fantasy role-playing games, a 13 minutes video where fantasy becomes reality and vice versa.





I must say that I am an 80s Fantasy genre, movies in particular, devoted fan: all that glittery powder, over-sprayed, backcombed (and more glittered) hair, the fake contact lenses, the overdone make-up, the blurred images, the unicorns, the naughty and beautiful fairies, the extra ugly dwarves and extra evil villain, David Bowie in white lycra tights, Tom Cruise full of glitter (glitter is the key 🙂 )…the whole lot just amazes me!





It also happens that lately my interest in Rodarte’s collections is significantly increased, especially from the last two seasons. This is why I particularly appreciated this short movie, the third one of the interesting collection of videos that Todd has done in collaboration with Rodarte, all very successful (Aanteni, 2010, The Curve Of Forgotten Things, 2011, featuring Elle Fanning).




The video

This Must Be The Only Fantasy – by Rodarte, Todd Cole and The Creators Project – featuring Elijah Wood, Sidney Williams, Guinevere van Seenus – music by Beach House

By Anna D.