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Let’s spend a (worthy) word about – H&M+Brick Lane Bikes

Here something juicy for both fashion and bikes lovers.

The Scandinavian Company H&M and the (east) Londoner bicycles brand, Brick Lane Bikes, have put together their strengths with the purpose of creating something special for the today’s man. On 7th March 2013 will be launched a men’s collection inspired by the urban cycling scene.

There could not be a better time for such a wise move: cycling in London is not just a quick way to get around the city,  but has now become a big trend and a lifestyle. So why not to feel completely cool while cycling? H&M has provided to this need creating pieces that can be worn on and of the bicke, using organic and recycled materials, understanding the sustainability and the practicality of cycling.

Here you go…let’s have a ‘cool ride’ !




By Anna D.