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Fuorisalone Milan 2012 #002# – Another Terra ‘Home Away from Home’

“If, by choice or necessity, we had to envisage life on some other planet other than Earth, what kind of “minimal hand luggage” would we take with us on our journey to other galaxies or a different celestial body with acceptable living conditions for mankind? What kind of traits and properties would we expect of the only “accessory” we are allowed to have with us when landing on some New World for the first time?”.

This is main line on which the project by IN Residence/Design Dialogues, Another Terra – Home Away from Home, by Barbara Brondi e Marco Rainò, was based for the 2012 edition of Fuorisalone in Milan. A collective exhibition presenting a series of uncommon works made by  some designers involved in this workshop. It is basically a reflection in response to the NASA’s confirmation, on December 5th 2011, of the existence of another planet orbiting around a star similar to the Sun, located outside our solar system, 600 light years from our Earth, with a diameter 2.4 times bigger than the Earth. Aslo the average temperature of this planet’s surface is around 21°C and it seems that the general condition in it could be favourable for the emerge of life. Moreover, after that discovery, some other similar planets have been identified outside the solar system.

So, what if in the future there would be the possibility to go to live on a “twin-planet”? And what alternatives we would have in case the Earth’s natural resources would run out, taking our planet to a definitive destruction?

This is the alternative, and really interesting, answer of all these questions suggested by this group of designers who took place in Ventura Lambrate, for the second year of Fuorisalone the happy island of design. A consideration about how human beings could relate themselves to the common and everday used objects around them, in a completely different way of life.

Studio Besau-Marguerre

Studio Besau-Marguerre Handgepack- in collaboration with Adrien Petrucci


Mischer’TraxlerTools Knowledge Memory


Tomás Alonso – “Tools”, how to take care of our collective memory and knowledge
BCXSY  – “Interlacer”, our personal experience in life and istincts as a way to face the unknown
Pieke Bergmans – “Luminous eggs”, “I will carry with me/The sprins of life/Luminous eggs/Of plasma held by gravity/Made on   planet Earth/Charged by the sun/Releasing energy/A spectrum/That radiates into outer space/I will travel Light”
Julien Carrettero – “In Search of Lost Time”, the different faces of time
Maarten De Ceulaer – “Mutation Series”, growing forniture
Formafantasma – “Inudox”, a way to re-use what we already have rather than create more and more
Tomáš Gabzdil Libertiny – “Island of stress”, how to never die
Pepe Heykoop – “Desire”, daydreaming is better than own
Lanzavecchia+Wai – “One day in the life of V.M. on Earth”, how to remember and hold forever past memories
Philippe Malouin – “Sundial”, the time in another Earth
Jo Meesters – “Materra”, what Mother Earth gives you
Minale-Maeda – “Nature Toolbox”, just keep the important things
Mischer’Traxler – “Tools – Knowledge – Memory”, how to survive with tools, knowledge and memory
Lilliana Ovalle – “Looking Pewter”, see yourself as you really are
Studio Besau Marguerre – “Handgepack”, plants are our life
Anke Weiss – always remember: we have all a common origin

In relation to this well done project I would like to add one of my last views in cinema’s matter. Another Earth shows how actually could change our life if a “twin Earth” outside our solar system could allow us to go and live there.

It does not openly show the life on the other Earth, we can only ask to ourselves “can we really live in there? Is there another me out there? Does the other me is actually better than me?”, but still it does not exclude the existence of an “Earth Two”, another place outside the solar system where we can actually live, even if we don’t know if life in there will be the same as the one we are living here.

Well…thanks to Another Terra at least now we have some suggestions and concrete solutions to keep and bring over there!

I am not a scientist, I just like so see how some people translate a scientific or real issue in a creative way of life.

By Anna D.