Let’s spend a (worthy) word about – The Grand Budapest Hotel

Scissors Closests and Streets is a blog about an alternative way to see and live Fashion. Part of Goosebumps Mag, SCS is a sort of a wishlist of things we love, and we think are special. It is the kind of lifestyle we want to have and we can actually be part of. It is affordable fashion, it is stylish bands with their catchy music, it is known and less known movies and the style we find in them, it is young and fresh designers/brands, it is love for (not so expensive) shoes. Being part of society, if not society itself, Fashion has different sides. We found our favourite and personal one, through which we look at the World. We will publish some specific pieces here, but for a more in-depth experience into our side of Fashion head to scissorsclosetsandstreets.wordpress.com.

My 2014 first great expectation comes from Wes Anderson.

the great budapest hotel

I am a huge fan of Wes Anderson: his movies are fun, they always put me in a good mood and they have plenty of style…great style, that I absolutely appreciate! And 2014 starts amazingly good with The Grand Budapest Hotel, the latest work of Anderson in which, judging from his other movies (see http://scissorsclosetsandstreets.wordpress.com/2013/01/11/cinemafashion-008-moonrise-kingdom/ ), I put great expectations. The movie will be in cinemas only in March 2014, not exactly tomorrow, but you can already enjoy the trailer.

Happy New Year!

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By Anna D.

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