Let’s spend a (worthy) word about – A LED dress for Little Boots

Scissors Closests and Streets is a blog about an alternative way to see and live Fashion. Part of Goosebumps Mag, SCS is a sort of a wishlist of things we love, and we think are special. It is the kind of lifestyle we want to have and we can actually be part of. It is affordable fashion, it is stylish bands with their catchy music, it is known and less known movies and the style we find in them, it is young and fresh designers/brands, it is love for (not so expensive) shoes. Being part of society, if not society itself, Fashion has different sides. We found our favourite and personal one, through which we look at the World. We will publish some specific pieces here, but for a more in-depth experience into our side of Fashion head to scissorsclosetsandstreets.wordpress.com.

Little Boots, Michelle Wu, The Creators Project and the fabulous LED dress.

The Creators Project never get it wrong! I really appreciate the way they look into Fashion and they celebrate it as a powerful form of art and communication, more than a simple way to “show up clothes” (see This Must Be The Only Fantasy). This time they documented the collaboration between Cyber Cinderella, electro-pop musician  Little Boots, and fashion designer Michelle Wu, who created for her a LED dress that reacts with the beats of her songs, while on tour.

The magical effects coming from the dress, reacting with Little Boots’ movements and music, are the perfect example of how Fashion has now become “the ultimate form of communication”, as Michelle Wu told The Creators Project. It is amazing to see how the body is connected with this dress, which positively reacts with the music that, in turn, comes from the singer. It is a  wonderful chain reaction that connects fashion, music and art in a really unique way.

Great, great job!

See the whole arcticle here.

Little Boots_LED dress

Little Boots_LED dress

Little Boots_LED dress

By Anna D.

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