A lab is born

HugoWe have been living in London for two years now and we learnt how to appreciate the impressive amount of things happening in here, all around us. We get excited when we discover something we like, and this has been the purpose that made us open an online magazine: to describe what give us goosebumps. We then created Goosebumps Magazine. We have a background in product and fashion design and we have always being fascinated by the astonishing creations of designers and artists. We went to design weeks, fashion weeks, art exhibitions, store openings and we wrote our little reports hoping to have transmitted our positive feelings to all our readers. We talked about different things, but probably two topics have stood out during the journey. The first one, a category that goes under the name “Scissors, Closets and Streets”, is mainly about small bits of lifestyle, from cinema, to art and music, having in common a “fashion” side. Supervised by Anna, the fashion editor, SCS has then been developed in three main periodic columns: “Cinema&Fashion”, “Designer Of The Month” and “Let’s Spend a (worthy) Word About”. The second one, begun almost as a joke, comes from the passion of Filippo, the design editor, for cycling around London. Realizing how easy it is to ride in London and how much he loved to have the power to extend a journey and to have the freedom to reach undisclosed places of this surprising city, he began to spend a good amount of time outside with his orange bicycle and to take pictures of amazing places around London, with his bike always appearing in the pictures. So far, through “One Shot One Ride”, he has taken more than two hundred shoots and he is now looking forward to take other days out for exploring and finding other stunning hidden places. And that is why we think that “Scissors, Closets & Streets” and “One Shot One Ride” are now strong enough to become brands on their own. We promise that we will go ahead in talking about the beauty we will find in our way. All the articles we write about designers, arts and events can be found in our MAG section. But we finally have the confidence to say that we have grown up, and that we are ready to make the first step into a new level: we love to talk about what is going on around us, but also, despite our full time jobs, we got our own projects and we would like to make them real. Goosebumps LAB is the proud result of this process: our laboratory of creative experimentations. We would like to offer our skills in our creative fields, and we are developing our projects that are a fusion of Design and Fashion. A Lab is born: we want to be Goosebumps makers.

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