A Band’s Style #002# – Is Tropical

Is Tropical.

Dear Reader,

as I hope you know, I am quite passionate about good music and openly catchy, firmly unique, blatanlty stylish people. Now, currently there are, in this messy and various world, some people that need HAVE TO be recognized and highlited because of their music AND their style.

So here my “motivation letter” in which I explain why Is Tropical is a band with all the qualities to be a great one.

Simon, Gary and Dominic, the Is Tropical trio, are together pure new rave (“bass heavy, beat driven, pop-influenced lo-fi dance music”, as they describe their music) sounds, fun and style. These guys have something strongly appealing in their music and their appearance that makes it impossible not to enjoy their performances. They well express the London urban/hypster style and attitude, they are smart and cheeky, talented and aware of their potential.

This is why, dear Reader, from my little slice of the web world in which I can express my opinion, I had to show all my appreciation for this band. Was worth to spend a few words about Is Tropical: this is a band with style!

is tropical

is tropical

is tropical

is tropical

is tropical

If you like it, you take it: next gig in London Wednesday 21 August @ Macbeth – Cherry Cola presents Save The Macbeth + Is Tropical (live) + Fat White Family (live)

By Anna D.

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