Cinema&Fashion #011# – Roman Holiday

Summer in style.

Roman Holiday (by William Wyler -Italy 1953 – with Audrey Hepburn, Gregory Peck, Eddie Albert).

Roman Holiday

When Summer comes, when the heat hits me and the breeze is still warm also during the night, no matter where I am, I always have a recall of Italy and my teenage summers, spent eating fresh tomatoes and ice lollies, watching late night old movies, waiting for my ten days holiday with my best friends at the local seaside.

This is my mood in these surprisingly hot days in London, so when it came to choose the next movie for Cinema&Fashion it is been easy to go for Roman Holiday (speaking of old movies).

This movie is the exact picture of the boiling italian summers spent in the cities. I love the way the roman chaos is been caught and perfectly included into the story: the music, the people (the italian old maid is my favourite!), the feeling…everything makes you wish to be there, eating the “gelato”, the ice cream, with Audrey Hepburn and dancing on the boat along the river Tevere with Gregory Peck and the sweet, sweet barber (God, I would like to hug him!).

Roman Holiday

Roman Holiday

Roman Holiday

Roman Holiday

Roman Holiday

I will never be tired of saying how much I love this movie and how wonderful is the choice of the costumes: Audrey Hepburn basically wears the same outfit during the whole movie, but the way it changes along with the evolution of the character is amazing. Always appreciated the charming style of Gregory Peck and the casual cockiness of Eddie Albert.

Lovely experience every time.

LOOK ONE – Princess Ann (Audrey Hepburn)

Roman Holiday

Roman Holiday - Audrey

1.&Other Stories  2.Beyond Retro  3.&Other Stories  4.Beyond Retro  5.Topshop 6.Yamamay

LOOK TWO – Joe Bradley (Gregory Peck)

Roman Holiday

Roman Holiday - Gregory

1.Topman  2.tie Topman  3.Hudson  4.Topman

LOOK THREE – Irving Radovich (Eddie Albert)

Roman Holiday

Roman Holiday

Roman Holiday - Irving

1.Beyond Retro  2.Topman 3.vintage camera  4.Beyond Retro  5.Kurt Geiger

By Anna D.

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