Velonotte London

Velonotte London has been held last Saturday night and when I discovered I decided that it could not be missed. For a lover of cycling in London it is a must event.

I showed up at 11.30 pm with a friend at the meeting point in front of Queen House and some folks were already there. We brought FM radio player because we told us that a guide has been talking through the journey. Our hand set started talking about Victorian History period and despite my friend was struggling because his handset sent the voice in late we started. We moved through the Mall finding some super cars and Formula 1, but that night was another kind of vehicle in possess of London streets.  We moved through London, stopping at Charing Cross Station, behind British Museum and many places  focusing on everything conceptually Early-Victorian – from Underground to 1851 Exhibition and Crystal Palaces, from public museums to poetry and engineering, shopping and… private cemeteries. Until the end at the sunset in front of the last treasure built during Victoria and Albert Era. The Royal Albert Hall. It has been a beautiful night, five hours of cycling,  around 25 miles and some showers but we made it!

The route was produced by Sergey Nikitin, historian & founder of the Velonotte. Co-production – Adam Thompson of Hackney Bicycle Film Society.

Live broadcasting by Resonance FM 104.4 Mhz.

Velonotte Albertina is part of London Festival of Architecture Fringe.

London Velonotte is supported by Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea, Bikeminded Campaign of RBKC, Garage Center for Contemporary Culture (Iris Foundation) and Moskultprog.

Velonotte at Buckingham Palace 1 Velonotte at Buckingham Palace 2 Velonotte at Buckingham Palace 3 Velonotte at Buckingham Palace 4 Velonotte at The Mall Velonotte at Charing Cross Velonotte Bikers Velonotte at Kensal Green Cemetery Velonotte at Exhibition Road 1 Velonotte at Exhibition Road 2

Velonotte at Royal Albert Hall

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