One Shot One Ride #115 Hebden Court 1

One Shot One Ride is a photo project started in August 2012 on Goosebumps Mag.London is one of the most famous cities in the world and living here is a dream. The rhythm of the day is fast, work and events blow away. Despite the public transport is really efficient cycling is a life change choice.. A bike, no matter what type, fixed, single speed, professional, rusty or a Boris bike, allows to choose the route, the deviation, when to depart, when to arrive. One Shot One Ride is one picture per day of my bike and a beautiful place of London and, now, is a blog in his own, at this address: We will publish some shot here on a fortnight but for a daily inspiration head to the new blog.One Shot One Ride - Hebden Court 1

Hebden Court – This former council estate is still waiting to be demolished, in the meanwhile doors and windows have been bricked and street artists have found a playground.

E2 8BG

One thought on “One Shot One Ride #115 Hebden Court 1”

  1. I think it is an absolute waste that these estates have been left to fall to bits after Thatcher decided to do away with council housing. It’s bad in terms of the environment and it is a disaster that there is virtually no affordable housing available in London any longer! There is a much bigger story here.

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