One Shot One Ride #105 Statue on Thames Path

One Shot One Ride is a photo project started in August 2012 on Goosebumps Mag.London is one of the most famous cities in the world and living here is a dream. The rhythm of the day is fast, work and events blow away. Despite the public transport is really efficient cycling is a life change choice.. A bike, no matter what type, fixed, single speed, professional, rusty or a Boris bike, allows to choose the route, the deviation, when to depart, when to arrive. One Shot One Ride is one picture per day of my bike and a beautiful place of London and, now, is a blog in his own, at this address: We will publish some shot here on a fortnight but for a daily inspiration head to the new blog.One Shot One Ride - Sunbeam Weekly and the Pilgrim’s Pocket

“Sunbeam Weekly and the Pilgrim’s Pocket” A statue by Peter McLean

Further information on Way Marking

SE16 5QH

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