Design Junction

Design Junction results to be one of the most attractive exhibition this year in London. Three floors plenty of different ways of doing design nowadays.

At first floor we start with the sponsor of the event, Maserati, showing his last supercar and opposite the old/new way of transport in London, the bikes from the London’s japanese brand Tokyobike. We already wrote about it, when they opened their own shop in East London last may and how they are selling “agile and clean” bikes in a very Japanese way to stilish Londoners.

Fritz Hansen and Thonet have organized a very nice workshop, recalling to all designers what is the way for doing industrial design:the manufacturing of the classic 214 chair in one hour using a mobile woodbending machine, dating from the 1850’s.

We come back, directly, in our Consumerism Time with the funny objects by Native Union a brand of phone accessories and with “Anything” that presents a stationery collection by Michael Sodeau.

The furniture collection of Alexena Cayless reminds us to the traditional skills and material of Midlands. The way of cutting the Brogue leather shoe and using it for the cover of the seat creates a new aesthetic to the shape of the object.

Artek has curated the design of the Danish Bar where it is possible to get fresh beer and tasty ham for a well-deserved break before going up to the next floor.

Crafts Council with a very interesting touring exhibition “Added Value” asks very good questions and made a point of how values are still applying in creative fields. Perception of value as “skills”, “material”, “bespoke”, “experience”, “brands”  are investigated associating to each of these a designer that are symbolizing these today.

“Tools for Everyday life” is an exhibition by Northumbria University, a result of a brief assigned to The Designers in Residence. The intention of the project was to investigate the language of task focused objects.

“America Made Me” brings a collection of products reflecting the range of methods, materials and cross-currents influencing the US market today.

Vitamin, an active London based brand shows his collection of lamps and vases with a reversible use such as for a plant or either a decanter.

Thelermont Hupton Studio presents his last collection of wood furniture, objects designed combining primary forms and primary colours with a nice effect of simplicity and highlighting the functionality.

“Recollections” is the showcase of a collective artists’ from Mexico City and Vienna curated by Marion Friedmann Gallery. The aim of the artist focus on creating objects with pieces of material comes from other objects and functions. With a graceful aesthetic there are an armchair made by steel springs comes from mattresses, lamps made by PET Bottles,  a curtain produced by Odabashian rugs, hand-knotted in india and a console made by carved expanded polystirene.

At last floor, it is interesting the personal showcase of the emerging UK design star Benjamin Hubert that claims recent collaborations with De La Espada and the leading italian brand Cappellini. In the showcase alongside the final product is shown a decomposition of raw materials utilized before the industrial processing.

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