Cinema&Fashion #001# – Stranger than Paradise

I have to start saying that I love movies.
I like to watch a good movie, and when I find one I particularly like I watch it again million of times when I am in a good mood for it, and I actually never get bored of doing it.
I also found out that movies are like a big closet from which you can take inspiration for yourself, and when I look around myself I see small pieces of styles that I see in movies I like. There is a connection between fashion in real life and movies, and I like to notice it.
This is the reason why I decided to collect all the movies with a “particular style”, but first of all because in this way I can find something new for my own closet eheh!

Stranger than Paradise (by Jim Jarmush – USA 1984 – with John Lurie, Eszter Balint, Richard Edson)
Independent movie with an unusual style. Shot in black-and-white, low-budget aesthetics and places, and non professional actors, this movie seems a 89 minutes photoshoot-in-motion.

I found this movie absolutely stunning and a chioce of outfits that you can easily recognize in every “hipster” now in (East) London.
Beyond Retro is the perfect place for this style.

Here some outfits inspired to the movie.

Look ONE

1.Beyond Retro 2.Topshop 3.Beyond Retro 4.Topshop

Look TWO

1.Beyond Retro 2.Beyond Retro 3.Topshop 4.Topshop 5.Uniqlo 6.Uniqlo


1.Beyond Retro 2.Beyond Retro 3.Beyond Retro 4.Timberland 5.Beyond Retro 6.Beyond Retro


1.Topshop 2.Beyond Retro 3.Topman 4.Converse 5.Beyond Retro 6.Beyond Retro 7.Beyond Retro

By Anna De Agnoi

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